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Big Dance Energy | Coaching & Healing

Want to experience an energetic training for dance and healing in one? This program specializes in bellydance, strip tease, energy healing and hypnosis for more confidence, self leadership and personal development.


The ChayKit Podcast!

Listen now! Dive deep into a confident dancer life. Heal yourself, step into your goddess energy and impact lives.

Recently listed as one of the Top 5 Canadian Dance Podcasts on the web!

Previously as: Top 10 Bellydance Podcasts!


ChayKit Worldwide


Join us here for an unparalleled dance and workout instruction you won’t find anywhere else.

Our online studio is designed for goddess dancing, workouts, and energy healing modalities and styles.

From the comfort of your own home - sign up for a class or program with our experienced world-class instructor, Chaylene.

We look forward to moving with you!