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Online Classes and Memberships

Your quest for the perfect studio can end right here. Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you.


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Online Courses and Intensives

We offer courses to train from real professionals in different styles of dance, fitness and lifestyle subjects (such as mindset, business, energy healing and reiki). Indulge in some self inflicted learning, and ultimately build your confidence!  

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Online Mentorship and 1:1 Coaching

If it was the best year of your life, what would that look like to you? Did you know you can typically design your life based on what your goals, dreams, passions and talents are? Private coaching can help in many things to shift your life towards exactly what you intend it to be. 

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Beginner/Intermediate Belly Dance

Fitness Belly Dance

WE like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

Not only does it look beautiful, no matter what level, it strengthens our "womb area" core muscles (inside) and the rest of our beautiFULL bodies! Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is what you are looking for. The instructor is committed to giving each student attention while also moving the class forward :)

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Fitness + Life Coaching (motivation)

Let's Get Shaking!

Trained by the best and most dedicated team of instructors for over 10 years, a general or personalized fitness training program will have you on your feet in no time! Many of our clients love taking fitness with us, because we implement Life Coaching with our training with clients. It gives them the opportunity to develop new skills for personal and professional growth. There's nothing like confidence!

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Health | Wellness | Success

ChayKit Hut | Ready and GLOW!

With an intense background immersing in health, wellness and business, while successfully living out the "love yourself first" lifestyle - Chay and her colleagues offer webinars and masterminds (weekly/monthly) and other resources (online/in-person) to get in touch with your dreams and accomplish them - without the burn out! Build your business from the ground up OR simply display the talent you have. Either way, we can help guide you, promote you and build up a community of success people. Balance out the life of your dreams while having a realistic approach!

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Jessica Tonon

"I recommend belly dancing with Chay/ChayKit. Not only is it super fun and a great workout, it gives you a big positive boost about yourself and the way you and your body move. Brining out your inner Goddess. I know have more confidence and love my curves, and can't wait to ChayKit again"

Vanessa Copeland

"Chay was an inspiration for me the minute I got out of gastric bypass surgery. Almost like the fates meant to happen! I met her about a month after I started and needed someone to train me in all the ways of properly working out. Chay took her time, designed a program for me and made sure that I was there at the gym as much as I needed to be! The support she provides also helped me with diet planning, self confidence and self-care! I truly lost over 200 pounds simply because she was training and supporting me every step of the way!"

Gail Hosking

"I met Chay at a very dark period in my life. I was feeling horrible about myself and my lifestyle. Through hard work and determination, and Chay by my side, I turned things around. Chay has worked with me at my own pace, to build me up-in more ways than one. Her professionalism and expertise has truly been a God-send! We work togther on personal goals, strengthening, training and food prep. Thank you Chay, from the bottom of my heart"

Tracey Sims 

"I was introduced to bellydance some years ago. I enjoyed it as a fun and challenging, yet relaxing way to keep fit. It was not only an intense physical workout, but an exercise in self-care by forcing me to set aside some "me" time. I fell away from my practice when my instructor moved away. I tried a few other teachers (some ok but not a good fit). When I met Chaylene I knew she would be, not just because of her talent, but because of her whole package. She has a beautiful spirit that matches her outward beauty. I cannot wait until she resumes bellydance <3" 

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