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Join us here for an unparalleled dance and workout instruction you won’t find anywhere else.

Our online studio is designed for goddess dancing, workouts, and energy healing modalities and styles.

From the comfort of your own home - sign up for a class or program with our experienced world-class instructor, Chaylene.

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About Chay | Owner, Performer, Coach

Chaylene grew up in Windsor, Ontario (South of Detroit) to an artistic family.

Her father was a tattoo artist and her mother loved to blast soulful music and dance around the house, as a stay-at-home mom.

From the early age of 11, she began learning the art of belly dancing, as well as contemporary, and hip hop styles. A few shimmies and shakes later, she had her first belly dance showcase, where she go to express her love and passion for the art form.

At 15 years old, her dance experience led her to become certified as a Group Fitness Instructor, followed by Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFit Pro) as a Fitness Instructor Specialist. She became a Personal Trainer Specialist at 17 years old, with the same company. She taught classes such as Belly Dance, aerobics, and muscular conditioning, and later went on to teach nutrition and wellness workshops locally.

Since then she’s been professionally belly dancing at events such as; private events, weddings, showcases and more. 

Chay received her Diploma as a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant, from Everest College in 2010. She has grown her knowledge of the health and fitness industry, teaching Kettle-Bell, TRX, bootcamps, Tabata, Spin, as well as kickboxing, dance and yoga.

An expert in fitness - Chay competed in OPA's Women's Bikini Fitness Competition 3X and won her first show as Miss. Bikini Windsor 2012. She has trained with top yoga instructors and master teachers in Ashtanga Yoga and Ballet.

Since 2015 - Chay has performed bellydance, pole dance, and twerking all combined - all across Canada as an award-winning Professional Ecdysiast (strip tease artist). She goes by the name of Cassius Chay in the adult entertainment world.  

She also became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate in 2017, educating people and selling the best essential oils in the world.

Along with being certified in AromaTouch TECHNIQUE, she is passionate about the amazing benefits of this natural medicine and healing modalities. 

The following year, Chaylene became a Certified Life Coach, studied Reiki, and Energy Healing. Then studied to be a Knowledge Broker (learning mindset, mastery and marketing) with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, Chay decided to hire a coach (Paige Cole) and continue her own business and healing journey. Coming out of that, she is finishing 2021 with being certified and experienced with the following: 

-Neuro Linguistic Programming

-Clinical Hypnotherapist

-Success & Life Coaching

-Emotional Freedom Tapping

-RICH Method Coach

-Reiki Level 1 & 2 (review and re-attuned) 

- and TIME Techniques

Continuing to perform full-time - she's also partnered with dancers, athletes, holistic nutritionists, and other healthy business professionals. Collaborating, teaching, creating podcasts, educational groups, workshops and masterminds. Helping people in dance and energy healing is her passion and expertise. 

“I will always be a part of the industry of healing. It starts within, we then have the audacity to spread the love and knowledge.” - Chaylene Thompson


Online Classes and Coaching Available!

Your quest for the perfect bellydance & energy healing studio can end right here. Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance, movement & a variety of healing modalities, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you.
We’re constantly updating our offerings, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on a new dance & healing opportunity!


Beginner/Intermediate Belly Dance
Fitness based Belly Dance

Not only does it look beautiful, no matter what level, it strengthens our "womb space" core muscles and the rest of our beautiFULL bodies! 
Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn new goddess dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, these classes are what you are looking for.
The instructor is committed to giving each student attention while also moving the class forward :)

Strip Tease & Fitness Coaching

Trained by the best and most dedicated team of instructors for over 10 years, a general or personalized fitness training program will have you on your feet in no time! 
Many of our clients love taking fitness with us, because we implement Life Coaching with our training with clients. It gives them the opportunity to develop new skills for personal and professional growth.
There's nothing like confidence!


Energy Healing & more...

Health, wellness, success, confidence, etc - all starts with healing within. 

With a lifetime of immersing in health and business careers, we offer programs, webinars and masterminds and other resources to get in touch with your dreams and accomplish them without the burnout. 

Wanting more light and energy in life? Building your business from the ground up? Displaying the talent you have? Wanting to live a better life with more fulfillment? Either way, we can help guide you, and build up a community of success people. Balance out the life of your dreams while having a realistic approach!


Just send us a quick email, we got you!


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